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Established in 1999, welday has become export China PPSU PEX fittings Wholesales and PPSU PEX fittings Wholesales. The primary products in Lead Free series include Polyphenysulfone(PPSU)PEX Fittings, Lead Free Brass PEX Fittings, Lead Free Brass Push Fit Fittings, F 1960 Polyphenysulfone(PPSU) Fittings, F 1960 Lead Free Brass Fittings, and other PEX Pipe Accessories.
Welday has been doing every effort to expand its manufacturing capacity and to improve its product quality, and up till now, Welday has its own new plant in Cixi, near Ningbo with more highly trained employees, Welday is continuously dedicated to customer's satisfaction for which we remain on striving for excellence.
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In recent years, PPSU PEX FITTINGS are more and more popular in our daily life.  Many people will ask whats the PPSU, whats special for PPSU? Is it different from the other general plastic?  And why many residents choose them instead of Brass PEX Fittings? No problem, let me reply you these question.


Whats the PPSU:  

Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) is a high performance polymer made of aromatic rings linked by sulfone (SO2) groups.


Whats the special for PPSU and where theyre used?

Its commonly used for baby bottles, plumbing fittings which will be connect the drink water,hemodialysis membrane, and some medical apparatus and instruments.

In a word, this kind of material is healthy, no harm to human body, stable, durable, and have the powerful physical property.

But it also have a disadvantage, compared with other general plastic, like PP, like ABS, like PET, its too expensive and have the capacity limit. But if to compared with Brass fitting, the PPSU fitting is much cheaper.


The chemical facotry to produce & Capacity:

All over the world, therere 3 professional factorys produce them, the most famous and stable guy is SOLVAY, next one is BASF, and a Japan company called Sumitomo. One year they 3 guys could provide around 50,000 ton/per year.



We Welday have long cooperation with SOLVAY for more than 20 years, and we also trust SOLVAYs quality, we never use poor quality material, as we know, some of Chinese manufactory dont use SOLVAY and even use off-grade PPSU material. PAY ATTENTION TO IT which might bring disaster claim to you one day.


We Welday declare that we will never use Off-grade PPSU material. Be concern about your suppliers raw material and why their price is much lower than general price from professional PPSU factory, like Welday.


 Advantage of PPSU fittings:


1. Corrosion Resistance:Due to the brass fittings are mainly made of copper and zinc,As water flows through the pipe, it erodes the surface.For a long time,the brass will be fragile and fracture.Once leaked,you have to cost a lot of money to maintain,it is a annoying problem.Moreover,leakages will damage your entire house. Today, many plumbing systems are turning to plastic fittings.Corrosion resistance is a factor behind this shift.So If you more concern this point,you will prefect ppsu pex fittings,It has higher corrosion resitance.


2. Suitable for a variety of environments: Brass Pex Fitting has the higher water quality requirement, because of materials. If water near your house had much impruity, the Brass Pex Fitting will have a erosion that destroy your house. But if you intall PPSU Pex Fitting, you will not consider this problem.PPSU Pex Fitting are more suitable for corrosion resistance. They are also more adaptable when dealing with changing water conditions.


3. Price(The last but not least)Compared with Brass Pex Fitting ,PPSU PEX FITTING has lower price than brass.Nomarlly,you will cost four or five times the price if you choose Brass Pex Fitting.PPSU will save a lot money for you,that's why many residents prefer PPSU Pex Fitting.

 As a result, you can cost lower and have a safer fitting to avoid leakage.



If you have any interest about our product lines or question, please contact with Victor@chinawelday.com We always welcome our potential client to inquiry or visit our company.


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