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Established in 1999, welday has become export China Tube Talon Suppliers and ODM Tube Talon company. The primary products in Lead Free series include Polyphenysulfone(PPSU)PEX Fittings, Lead Free Brass PEX Fittings, Lead Free Brass Push Fit Fittings, F 1960 Polyphenysulfone(PPSU) Fittings, F 1960 Lead Free Brass Fittings, and other PEX Pipe Accessories.
Welday has been doing every effort to expand its manufacturing capacity and to improve its product quality, and up till now, Welday has its own new plant in Cixi, near Ningbo with more highly trained employees, Welday is continuously dedicated to customer's satisfaction for which we remain on striving for excellence.
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Tube talons are a type of pipe support used for securing and holding water pipes in place. They are typically made of plastic and are designed to be lightweight, durable, and easy to install. Here are some characteristics of tube talons used for water pipes:
Material: Tube talons are typically made of a high-strength, impact-resistant plastic such as polypropylene or nylon, which makes them lightweight and easy to handle.
Size: Tube talons are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters, ranging from small diameters to larger diameters.
Design: Tube talons are designed to securely hold water pipes in place and prevent them from shifting or moving, using a combination of clips, hooks, or fasteners.
Versatility: Tube talons can be used with a variety of pipe materials, including copper, PEX, and PVC, making them a versatile option for many different applications.
Ease of installation: Tube talons are typically easy to install, requiring only basic tools and fasteners to secure them in place.
Temperature resistance: Some tube talons are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, and may be suitable for use in hot or cold water systems.
There are several benefits to using tube talons for water pipes, including:
Increased stability: Tube talons provide a secure and stable support for water pipes, preventing them from moving or shifting due to water pressure, temperature changes, or other external factors.
Reduced noise and vibration: By securing water pipes in place, tube talons can reduce noise and vibration in the plumbing system, creating a quieter and more comfortable living or working environment.
Compatibility: Tube talons are compatible with a wide range of pipe materials, including copper, PEX, and PVC, making them a versatile solution for many different plumbing applications.
Cost-effective: Tube talons are typically an affordable option for securing and supporting water pipes, making them a cost-effective choice for plumbing projects.
Durability: Tube talons are designed to be durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the stresses of use over time and resist corrosion and other forms of damage.
Safety: Tube talons can help prevent water leaks or other plumbing failures, which can reduce the risk of water damage or other safety hazards.

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