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Established in 1999, welday has become export China Ball Valves Manufacturers and Ball Valves suppliers. The primary products in Lead Free series include Polyphenysulfone(PPSU)PEX Fittings, Lead Free Brass PEX Fittings, Lead Free Brass Push Fit Fittings, F 1960 Polyphenysulfone(PPSU) Fittings, F 1960 Lead Free Brass Fittings, and other PEX Pipe Accessories.
Welday has been doing every effort to expand its manufacturing capacity and to improve its product quality, and up till now, Welday has its own new plant in Cixi, near Ningbo with more highly trained employees, Welday is continuously dedicated to customer's satisfaction for which we remain on striving for excellence.
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A ball valve is a type of valve that uses a ball-shaped disc to control the flow of fluid through a pipeline. The ball has a hole in the middle that allows the fluid to pass through when the valve is in the open position. When the valve is closed, the ball is rotated so that the hole is perpendicular to the pipeline, blocking the flow of fluid.
Ball valves are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including oil and gas, water treatment, chemical processing, and HVAC systems. They are known for their durability and reliability, as well as their ability to provide tight shutoff, even in high-pressure or high-temperature applications.
There are several types of ball valves available, including:
Floating ball valves: In this type of valve, the ball is free to move slightly in the valve body, allowing it to seal against the valve seat even if there are minor variations in the alignment of the piping.
Trunnion ball valves: In this type of valve, the ball is supported by trunnions, which reduces the operating torque required to turn the valve.
Three-way ball valves: These valves have three ports and can be used to control the flow of fluid between two different pipelines.
Ball valves are often preferred over other types of valves because of their ease of operation, long service life, and low maintenance requirements. They are available in a wide range of sizes, materials, and configurations to meet the needs of different applications.
Ball valves have several key characteristics that make them a popular choice for many industrial applications. Here are some of the most important characteristics of ball valves:
Quick and easy operation: Ball valves have a simple design that allows for quick and easy operation. With just a quarter turn of the lever or handle, the valve can be opened or closed, making them ideal for applications that require fast and frequent valve actuation.
Tight shutoff: Ball valves provide a tight shutoff when closed, which means they are effective at preventing leaks and controlling the flow of fluids in a pipeline.
High flow capacity: Ball valves have a large port and a streamlined flow path, which allows for high flow capacity and low pressure drop.
Wide temperature and pressure range: Ball valves are designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures and pressures, making them suitable for use in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
Durability: Ball valves are known for their durability and long service life. They are typically made from materials that are resistant to corrosion, erosion, and other forms of wear and tear.
Low maintenance requirements: Ball valves are relatively low maintenance compared to other types of valves. They are easy to clean and require minimal lubrication to operate effectively.
Versatility: Ball valves are available in a wide range of sizes, materials, and configurations, making them suitable for use in a variety of applications in different industries.

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