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Established in 1999, welday has become export China Straight Coupler C x M.I. Suppliers and ODM Straight Coupler C x M.I. company. The primary products in Lead Free series include Polyphenysulfone(PPSU)PEX Fittings, Lead Free Brass PEX Fittings, Lead Free Brass Push Fit Fittings, F 1960 Polyphenysulfone(PPSU) Fittings, F 1960 Lead Free Brass Fittings, and other PEX Pipe Accessories.
Welday has been doing every effort to expand its manufacturing capacity and to improve its product quality, and up till now, Welday has its own new plant in Cixi, near Ningbo with more highly trained employees, Welday is continuously dedicated to customer's satisfaction for which we remain on striving for excellence.
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There are several types of straight couplers that are commonly used for water pipes, including:
Compression couplers: Compression couplers have a threaded nut and a compression ring that when tightened compresses the ring onto the pipe, forming a tight seal.
Push-fit couplers: Push-fit couplers are designed to be easily installed by pushing the pipe into the fitting. The fitting contains a ring that grips the pipe and creates a watertight seal.
Soldered couplers: Soldered couplers are made of copper and are joined by heating the fitting and pipe with a torch and then applying solder to create a watertight seal.
Threaded couplers: Threaded couplers have female threads on both ends and are screwed onto the male threads of the pipes, forming a tight seal.
The characteristics of straight couplers for water pipes vary depending on the material and design of the coupler, but some common characteristics include:
Corrosion resistance: Couplers used for water pipes must be resistant to corrosion caused by exposure to water and other corrosive substances. Copper, brass, and stainless steel are all corrosion-resistant materials commonly used for water pipe couplers.
Watertightness: The coupler must create a watertight seal between two pipes to prevent leaks or water damage. The design of the coupler must ensure that it forms a tight seal with the pipe, preventing any water from escaping.
Easy installation: Couplers used for water pipes must be easy to install to ensure a quick and efficient plumbing system. Push-fit and compression couplers are examples of couplers that are easy to install.
Some highlights of straight couplers for water pipes include:
Versatility: Straight couplers can be used to connect two pipes of the same size and material, regardless of the plumbing system's complexity or layout.
Cost-effective: Straight couplers are a relatively inexpensive way to connect two pipes and are widely available, making them an affordable choice for many plumbing projects.
Easy installation: Straight couplers are generally easy to install, with many designs requiring no special tools or equipment.
Wide range of materials: Straight couplers are available in a wide range of materials, including copper, brass, plastic, and stainless steel, allowing them to be used in a variety of plumbing systems.
Compatibility: Straight couplers are compatible with many different types of pipes, making them a versatile and reliable choice for connecting pipes in a plumbing system.
Durability: Straight couplers are generally designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing a secure connection between pipes for many years.

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